NaNoWriMo 2016


NaNo time is here, and as you might’ve figured out, I’m going for it again. This year I’m planning a sequel to last year’s mystery set in our favorite dysfunctional retirement community – The Villages.

I know I’m not so good at the keeping you updated on my works-in-progress, and even less so about letting you know about breaks in my weekly series, but luckily, that’s not what I’m being graded on. If you’re reading this, you like something about the writing itself, not my ability to update social media on a consistent basis.

I would say that my writing won’t change, but every writer, every creative person has to evolve. Every time we read a new book or see a new piece of art it influences us in subtle ways that will alter our writing, sometimes in ways we won’t even see on the scale of a single line or page, but only once we see the twists within the whole do we understand how that little bit of Feist or Seuss crept in and made it a little different (dare I say better?) from what it would’ve been before. 

On that note, I look forward to seeing how the William Gibson and Piers Anthony I’ve been sucked into recently will affect my NaNo offering for this year. Considering the epic nature of that duo, I can only imagine it will be a positive influence. Expect the possibility that this one will be even grittier and darker than the previous installment, but with a touch of dry satirical humor that screams ‘Our world is insane.’

Wish me luck.


Let me know what you think.

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