Welcome to the Homepage of writer Jimi Holmes. Go ahead and sit down, get comfy, and read a story or two. I am currently working on a series of short stories know as “Daemon Knights.” and the second book of my Pariahs series. The first book, “The Pariahs” is complete and available on most of the big and small ebook retailers, though the best place to get it is here at the Smashwords store. For those of you who wish to have the entirety of Season 1 of Daemon Knights in an easier to read format, I will be releasing it as an ebook in the near future.

Thanks for coming. Now sit down, grab a pan-galactic gargle blaster and have a read. You’ll be glad you did.

Recent Posts

The Owl – Season 2 Episode 30 in the Daemon Knights saga – Stuck between a daemonic owl and a daemonic fox is not where the team wants to be, but when the owl does something unexpected, Angus begins to wander what exactly its intentions are.

Overrun – Season 2 Episode 29 in the Daemon Knights saga – While Angus and the team are heading south, Lev and his crew are facing the results of the sensei’s bomb. The team may have escaped town, but they’re not safe yet and Lev plans for revenge.

Zip Line – Season 2 Episode 28 in the Daemon Knights saga – With Angus’s bomb now in place and the music drawing the daemons away, it’s time to leave. As they make a run for it though, they realize they’re not out of the woods yet.

Bombs Away – Season 2 Episode 27 in the Daemon Knights saga – Angus is planning a little surprise for his Russian foes, but to do so, he has to be out in the open with daemons all around. Angel is watching, but that might not be enough.

A Desperate Plan – Season 2 Episode 26 in the Daemon Knights saga – Trapped in the datsun and surrounded by a ravening pack of daemons, the team’s chances aren’t looking good, but there may yet be hope. If their plan works. If.

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