Welcome to the Homepage of writer Jimi Holmes. Go ahead and sit down, get comfy, and read a story or two. I am currently working on a series of short stories know as “Daemon Knights.” and the second book of my Pariahs series. The first book, “The Pariahs” is complete and available on most of the big and small ebook retailers, though the best place to get it is here at the Smashwords store. For those of you who wish to have the entirety of Season 1 of Daemon Knights in an easier to read format, I will be releasing it as an ebook in the near future.

Thanks for coming. Now sit down, grab a pan-galactic gargle blaster and have a read. You’ll be glad you did.

Recent Posts

Master Brascko – Season 2 Episode 35 in the Daemon Knights saga – Angus has been relieved of his command and Master Brascko has taken over. He has questions for the team, but what should they answer, and what will he do if they don’t?

Tribunal – Season 2 Episode 34 in the Daemon Knights saga – Angus has just been suspended by Turiel for endangering the students. Now he is to be brought before the council of three, but things get complicated when he tells his side of the story.

Choked Up – Season 2 Episode 33 in the Daemon Knights saga – Having discovered that the border is crawling with guards since their last crossing, Angus decides to head deeper into the woods for a better spot. With this one just as bad they’re running out of options.

Borderlands – Season 2 Episode 32 in the Daemon Knights saga – The owl has vanished, giving itself over to Renala in exchange for releasing the wolf that had been held captive by the Russians, but her new friend may not be able to help against what’s ahead.

Reunion – Season 2 Episode 31 in the Daemon Knights saga – The owl is perched atop the building containing the wolf and obviously wants something. The team figures out that it wants the wolf released so Renala and Lethen enter to liberate the beast that tried to eat them.

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