Welcome to the Homepage of writer Jimi Holmes. Go ahead and sit down, get comfy, and read a story or two. I am currently working on a series of short stories know as “Daemon Knights.” and the second book of my Pariahs series. The first book, “The Pariahs” is complete and available on most of the big and small ebook retailers, though the best place to get it is here at the Smashwords store. For those of you who wish to have the entirety of Season one of Daemon Knights in an easier to read format, I will be releasing it as an ebook in the near future. Now that Season two has come to a close I will be taking a break to edit the aforementioned ebook version and release it ASAP.

Thanks for coming. Now sit down, grab a pan-galactic gargle blaster and have a read. You’ll be glad you did.

Recent Posts

On Revision and NaNoWriMo 2017 – A quick rant about the pain that is revision and my intention to join in with NaNo this year.

Angus’s Trial – Season 2 Episode 38 in the Daemon Knights saga – Season Finale – Angus goes before the masters for a final decision on whether he will be staying with the team or facing repercussions he’d rather not think about. He goes in hopeful, but it isn’t long before he realizes it won’t be that easy.

Brascko’s Game – Season 2 Episode 37 in the Daemon Knights saga – Angus tells Brascko about his findings while the team prepares to test their plan against the master’s teleportation. Can five first years defeat a member of the council?

Harsh Truths – Season 2 Episode 36 in the Daemon Knights saga – Master Brascko sits the team down and forces them to digest some tough information. Will this cause them to rethink their calling?

Master Brascko – Season 2 Episode 35 in the Daemon Knights saga – Angus has been relieved of his command and Master Brascko has taken over. He has questions for the team, but what should they answer, and what will he do if they don’t?


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